Reporting ServicesProviding relevant, reliable & accurate information to support you running your business

We can provide you with a tailored set of reporting tools to enable you to objectively judge your business performance.

A key issue in ensuring effective management information is provided is knowing what to measure & how. Design of appropriate coding structures, measures and reports to support management decisions is a core expertise of our team, which we have applied in multiple listed global companies.

Up to date, relevant and quickly produced management reports based on:

  • appropriate historic information, reliably and consistently recorded
  • robust forecasts, business plans & budgets

allow you to identify the right questions to ask at the right time in respect of your business performance

In turn this allows you to make the right decisions to drive your business forward.

To help you we can provide a range of services, including:

Monthly or Quarterly Management Accounts

Obtaining regular reliable management information is vital to the continued success of any business. We can prepare your monthly or quarterly balance sheet & profit & loss reports to ensure you always have reliable and accurate information on your current financial results upon which to base your business decisions. Note that any dividend distribution should always be justified by reference to accurate annual statutory or interim management accounts indicating distributable reserves exist to support such a payment

Bookkeeping Adjustments

If we are not managing your bookkeeping, we can provide you with the necessary adjustments required to align your bookkeeping entries with your management accounts

Financial Comparatives

We can include comparative data within your management accounts pack:

  • Prior year comparatives
  • Month-on-month trend data
  • Budgetary comparatives

And can provide profit forecasts for future periods

Key Performance Indicators

We can report trends in key performance indicators & ratios which can highlight issues within your business requiring attention

Cash Flow Forecasts

We can provide you with cash flow forecasts allowing you to identify that you have future liquid funds to meet your liabilities or to take appropriate action where funds appear limited

Branch & Divisional Accounts

Company level accounts will not provide management with a full understanding of performance where different parts of the business are managed separately or operate in significantly different markets – e.g. the hotel is making a profit, the restaurant is taking a loss and the events team breaking even. We can provide segmented management accounts.

Non-Financial & External Data Measures

What are the drivers of your business performance? Do you actively track relevant leading indicators? Can you anticipate how the market will change in the future and be prepared for change or to exploit new opportunities?

Profit forecasts based on a budget suggesting continued sales growth may be unreliable where your current order book shows a falling trend. Conversion of quotations to orders may be affected in turn by a variety of service or pricing factors (which customer feedback forms may capture) or by quotation volumes. Quotations themselves may be affected by the attractiveness of website content, website traffic & page views. At each stage in this process relevant internal business information can be captured & reported upon to enable you to target intervention at any point in the chain as required. Standard management accounts cannot provide this visibility.

External data may also be relevant as a driver of business performance and useful to track for decision making – these may include long range weather forecasts, local housebuilding or population trends, house prices, local vs online market size. We can help you identify, capture & report relevant external information if required. 

Other Reports

If appropriate information is captured, we can provide you with a variety of additional management reporting products:

  • Property Accounts
  • Project Accounts
  • Reporting by Sales Channel
  • Customer & Product Line Profitability Analyses
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